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Michael Palin Love
Everyone loves the Nice Python...
11th-Aug-2011 05:49 pm - I'm back.
I've been away for at least a year and a half.

I also in that span of time have come to love the man again.

I'd like to say hello to everyone again!
29th-Nov-2010 02:04 am - DNAYS Icons
Hello everyone. It's my first post here, so I'd like to greet all of you :)

[16] Do Not Adjust Your Set

From first two episodes, mainly Eric and Michael :)


The rest is here at my journal.
25th-Feb-2010 09:42 pm - Newbie here
Michael Palin
Hello, I'm Lindsey and I am a Michael Palin fangirl! He's soooooo cute and sexy!!! The first animated icon I have ever made is the one you're looking at right now. Well cheerio! =^.^=
10th-Jan-2010 03:45 am - Some New Gifs
I've been playing around and made some new gifs! Hope you like them!


The rest are HERE
20th-Dec-2009 02:36 pm - Mike On Paul O'Grady
Mike Look Up

A while back Mike appeared on the Paul O'Grady show and was utterly adorable! I think the vid is not on Youtube so I thought I'd upload it for all you Palinites! You may find it, HERE!

Comments are love!
13th-Nov-2009 02:47 am - Mini Video Picspam
I've been depressed lately and have been watching the Vanity Fair vid to cheer me up. I decided to make a very blurry and bad in general picspam at my journal!

I know it's not the best, but still, hope you like it!

My journal!
15th-Oct-2009 06:34 am - Major Python Picspam!
I made a picspam of all the boys to celebrate their 40th Anniversary! Click the pretty picture!!
5th-Oct-2009 12:01 am - Cover Boy
Michael is on the cover of this months Geographical Magazine. I don't know if it's widely sold or can be found only on ebay, but I think it's worth buying! Here's the cover where he's looking gorgeous!

11th-Sep-2009 07:02 pm(no subject)
Head Waiter (toater_phantom)
No, I haven't abandoned you, Mikey! I come bearing gifts for you all :D

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

30th-Aug-2009 09:22 pm - Cambridge Film Festival
Mike Blackmail
If you missed his performance at the O2, you now have another chance to see him on stage! Well, not really on stage but it is an event to commemorate his film career and he will tell a bunch of jokes. It's part of the Cambridge Film Festival and it will take place of September 23rd at 7.30. There will also be an exclusive signing of his new book "Halfway to Hollywood Diaries 1980-1988".  Tickets are pretty cheap too!
More info here!
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